Commissioned by Allen Harrington
Composed for Allen Harrington (saxophone) and Laura Loewen (piano).


10 – 11 minutes


Alto saxophone and piano

Whimsical Sketches of Fanciful Birds:

     I. Inebriated Crows

     II. Curious Swallow

     III. The Watchful Owl

     IV. Waking Swan

     V. Short-Tempered Parakeet

When I was a child, birds fascinated me. So much so that I spent a great deal of time learning about the many varieties there were. With each species I learned, I would create imaginary cartoon-like characters of them and dream up little stories to amuse myself. This composition is my re-creation of some of those childhood fancies in musical form.

NOTE: Since this work’s publication, several edits and corrections have been made to the music. Click HERE for the ERRATA page.

0,Whimsical Sketches of Fanciful Birds