Commissioned for Jeremy Brown and Timothy McAllister, with support from The Canada Council for the Arts.


14 minutes


Alto saxophone and piano 

Whimsical Sketches of Fanciful Birds, Book 2:

     I. Stoned Vultures

     II. Mobster Magpie

     III. Baby Phoenix

     IV. Sedated Seagull

     V. Paranoid Hummingbird

Book 2 is a continuation of my “Whimsical” series for alto saxophone and piano. Like Book 1, these movements are meant to be cartoon-like musical caricatures of various species of birds. With each bird, I personified them by associating the with amusing characteristics and personality traits that many of us could identify with. By doing so, this gave rise to many inventive musical ideas, opening up new possibilities of saxophone performance techniques while expanding my “Fanciful Bird” universe. The subtitles of each movement are self-explanatory regarding their narratives.

To order score and parts, please contact composer at vince@vinceho.com