2017 Commissioned by the Morningside Music Bridge. The work was premiered by the Morningside Music Bridge String Orchestra (Earl Lee, cond.), Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA, USA, on 04 August 2017.


6-7 minutes


String orchestra (violin I & II, viola, cello, double bass)

Three Sketches of Mischievous Imps:


This work was commissioned for young players in mind (ages 12-18). I therefore decided to compose short fanciful sketches that explore novel sounds that could be drawn from a string orchestra while introducing young players to modern techniques. The 1st movement has the violins and violas performing a mechanical-like texture while each cellist and bassist independently play a re-occurring lyrical theme. The 2nd movement explores the timbral colours of the string orchestra. The 3rd movement is built on small spirited motifs that are playfully passed around between each section, all the while slowly building up to a rich animated fabric. – VH

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