10.5 minutes


Cello (and optional drum kit for 3rd movement)

Three Preludes (cello & optional drum kit):

This collection was created for cellist Beth Root Sandvoss of Land’s End Ensemble.

I. Morning Song
This is a work I wrote one early morning when I was living in Glendale CA. While I was in my studio, I could see from my window the sun slowly emerging over the horizon. Struck by this beautiful scene, I decided to compose a piece that would capture what I felt at that moment. By the time the sun was fully out, the piece was done.

II. Fleeting Memories
During one winter afternoon in Calgary, I was viewing the falling snow from my studio window. This brought back many memories of similar peaceful moments of reflection. These fleeting memories made me feel nostalgic, inspiring me to capture that moment in musical form.

III. Heist
In 2018, I was commissioned to write a work for cello duo VC2 titled Heist 2. Their phenomenal playing inspired me to write an energetic motoric line that would serve as the foundation of the piece — one would play this line while the other would respond with materials built on their own semi-improvisatory gestures. Heist is that motoric line in its original form rewritten for solo cello and optional drum kit. As the title suggests, this piece reflects my long-time interest in crime noir.

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