Commissioned for Ryan Scott, with support from The Canada Council for the Arts.


8 minutes


Snare drum (chopsticks, wire brushes, rute, sticks)

Snap Noir:

 “Snap Noir”, written for solo snare drum and commissioned by Ryan Scott, is a one-movement work consisting of six musical snapshots inspired by film noir elements (hence the title). Each “snapshot” explores differing snare drum techniques that is presented as a series of cinematically-inspired scenes that flow from one to the next without interruption:

I. Shadows (hands only)
II. Critters (chopsticks)
III. Hustler (wire brushes)
IV. Mumbles (rute with hand dampening)
V. Rush (sticks)
VI. Cadenzas (summarization of all previous techniques)

For score, please contact the composer at vince@vinceho.com